Egg-sellent breakfast!!

Egg-sellent breakfast!!

2 eggs scrambled in the microwave w/Frank’s then covered in fresh salsa…

a cup of coffee and a leftover smoked all beef hot dog… Whoa…

Quick – delicious – efficient!!

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Down almost 36lbs!!

I’m down almost 36lbs. as of this morning.

I don’t deserve it… but whatever. I left a bunch of calories on the table yesterday. Carbs were way in check and I’ve been pretty tight over the past few days. I worked out hard yesterday – probably where that came from??

I still couldn’t believe my eyes… I’m like “awe… that’s B.S… ” Hahahaha!!

This “recipe” is one of my go-to breakfasts:

Low Carb “Cereal”
1/8th C unsalted Pecans
1/4 C Cottage Cheese
1/4 C Blueberries
1tsp Splenda

Mix it up and GO!!

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Meal plan set for the day!! (09/21/2022)

Meal plan set for the day!!


Low carb “cereal” – 3 cups of coffee


Smoked Ribs (4 oz.), Low carb coleslaw (1/4 c), cottage cheese (1/4 c)


Taco salad – I’ll drop pics later today.

860 cal. (total)

22 gr. Carbs (net)

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Amish Salad

Amish Salad

Going to a pot luck and want to stay Keto?? Here’s a great idea!


2 stalks of Broccoli Flower Canopies cut into florets
1/2 head of Cauliflower cut small (as shown)
3/4 C Mayo
3/4 C Sour Cream
1/4 C Truvia (a bit more maybe? – or equal
Low Carb / Keto Sweetener of your choice)
1/2 t Kosher Salt
8 oz Bacon – Cooked, chopped… BTW – anything worth adding 4 slices of bacon – is worth 5 slices!!
1 C Shredded Cheddar

Mix well – let come together overnight. Creamy, DELISH!! This goes great with BBQ!!

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2 Suggestions Have Made a Difference for Me

2 Suggestions have made a difference for me.

1. I Google menus and plan ahead (when I can) before I go out to eat. This way, I’m not surprised or sad when I log my meals.

I learned the hard way. Someone treated me to a meal at the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday. It was an eye-opener as I was searching MFP (MyFitnessPal) for something decent to order while the waiter stood there. I chose so badly. It threw me out of ketosis. I learned a lesson.

2. For my own benefit, I took Dr. Eric Westman’s list (page 4) and wrote what the carb count is for every vegetable on it, based on serving size.

Page 4 is very similar to the “What Can I Eat?” list I’ve seen posted. Dr. Westman runs the Lifestyle Clinic at Duke University. I first learned about the Ketogenic WOE while watching his videos on YouTube and then attending a couple of his support group meetings in Durham, NC. Let me say there are many ways to do a Keto Diet. Some doctors have their own protocols.

Knowing the vegetable carb counts (and the suggested serving sizes) helped me decide which vegetables I will “spend” my carb grams on and which ones aren’t worth it. (It will be different for each of us!)

Knowing this can help you plan meals (which I began planning by the MONTH… sounds daunting, but it can be done), buy groceries, and eat out with more confidence.

Make Keto simple and it will always be your friend and never let you down. I hope someone finds this helpful. – Sandra H. Rosser

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Mom’s Low Carb Taco Soup

Mom’s Low Carb Taco Soup

So – before my Mom and Dad decided a Low Carb lifestyle would be healthier for them, my mother’s kitchen was a fairly safe place for me. Everything in there was “off-limits” for me – so my defenses were pretty well evolved. Now, however, this can be a DANGEROUS PLACE.

This soup is a perfect example. Imagine being able to walk through you mom’s kitchen and grab a bite of something delicious on the stove that is actually Low Carb (or Keto)… Uh oh – this is bad. Very bad for me!! The soup is sooooo good!!

Mom’s Low Carb Taco Soup recipe:

2lb. Pork Sausage browned (save the drippings)
4 C Chicken broth
2 T of Taco Seasoning (you could easily sub in Garlic, Onion, Cumin, etc for lower count)
2 8oz pkgs of Cream Cheese
2 10 oz cans of Rotel Tomatoes (your heat level preference)

Mix, heat and serve with garnish of sharp cheddar shredded.


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Real Low Carb Ice Cream

Real Low Carb Ice Cream

I’ve had the same experience as many others. I have never gotten any of those “internet shake – shake – shake” recipes to work. I’ve never gotten it to turn into anything I would call “ice cream”. I’ve tried everything – even an INDUSTRIAL SHAKER!!

However, I did recently make REAL, VERY LOW CARB Vanilla ice cream using a small Krups ice cream maker. It is LEGIT!!

The way this method works – generally… The cylinder is very cold and stored in a freezer.

The mixture is made (by whatever process for the particular ice cream recipe)… cooled and put in the very cold cylinder to be stirred until it changes consistency.

Ice Cream Recipe:
2 eggs
1 C Light Cream (I used Food Lion Light Cream – Listed at 9 gr carb per cup)
2 C Heavy Whipping Cream (I used Market Pantry – listed as “0” carb)
1/2 C Swerve
2 t Vanilla

I warmed the light cream on the stove top (NOT TO A BOIL). While this was getting started I beat the eggs and Swerve together WELL (hand mixer). Once beaten I added to the Light Cream and let heat a little longer. Do not allow to boil. Once these ingredients are mixed and slightly creamier… remove from heat, add Heavy Whipping Cream and Vanilla. Chill in fridge until very cold (several hours). Do not freeze this mixture. Do not use if it has turned to a semi-solid.

I removed the cooling cylinder from the deep freeze, assembled the ice cream maker, plugged it in and turned it on immediately. Once on and running I poured the ice cream mixture in through the pour opening (very easy).

Within several minutes I noticed changes – in 8-10 minutes, it starts developing some lumps. In about 20 minutes it was a pretty firm “home-made” ice cream consistency. It was VERY GOOD.

One could freeze this mixture for an additional several hours to tighten it up some more. I believe I could let it go another 8-10 minutes and gotten a different result – though it was super good and what I remember from my Grandma’s house over July 4th as a child.

You will LOVE THIS!!


(P.S. my next version will be Mint Chocolate Chip)

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Salted Chocolate Bombs

Salted Chocolate Bombs

3 1/2 T Creamy Sunflower Butter
3 T Shredded Coconut (unsweetened)
1 1/2 T Truvia
1 T Cocoa (unsweetened)
3 T Salted butter (we use Kerry Gold)
3 T Coconut oil
3 T Salt & Vinegar Almonds

I put the shredded Coconut and the Salt & Vinegar Almonds in a food processor for a few seconds. I like them to have texture but not be so big.

I heat the butter and Sunflower butter just a little so it all mixes well. I then mix everything together well.

I originally started using those little plastic disposable shot glasses. However, lately I’ve been using mini-muffin liners I put about 1 Tsp. in the bottom of each cup. Obviously, they are a little on the small side – but there is more in the batch and you don’t have to feel terrible if you eat more than 1!!

I put them in the freezer for a couple of hours and BOOM – there it is.

Once they come out of the freezer – they push right out of the liner, then you can store them in the fridge. They are just a little bigger than a mint patty and THEY ARE PACKED WITH FLAVOR.

These are really good. A perfect craving fix. They have a pretty low carb count (if you follow this recipe) and can keep you well on plan.

I don’t keep them around because I need more fat. I make them because they are delicious!!


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9 ways to beat the “Dreaded Stall”

9 ways to beat the “Dreaded Stall”

1) Find Hidden Carbohydrates – Carbs can go unnoticed in vegetables, nuts, and certain meat products and dairy. Read Labels – do research.

2) Verify Your Calorie Intake – Making sure you’re in a calorie deficit can be important. This allows you to lose weight. You can use a keto calculator to help you figure out your macros (this means – your “numbers”).

3) Do you have a Food Sensitivity – Some people find themselves following their daily macros perfectly, but still seem to hit a stall. This might mean they have sensitivity to certain types of food. For instance, my wife doesn’t do well with any kind of processed meat.

4) Stay Consistent – It can take a period of time for your body to become keto-adapted, a cheat day can take a long time to recover from. By the time you are back in ketosis, a week may have passed – a week of no fat burning.

5) Limit Protein Intake – Excess protein is not a good idea when you’re in ketosis. The body prefers to use glucose as it’s primary form of fuel, and that’s exactly what we don’t want it to do. In some cases, the liver can actually extract glucose from protein (or even muscle, in extreme cases) as well. If there is a protein excess, this can happen. Don’t let this be an option. Force it to burn fat.

6) Don’t Eat Too Little or Exercise Too Much – The body will slow itself down in response to a lack of food or excessive amounts of exercise to conserve itself. Studies show that if you do aerobic exercise for more than 1 hour a day, your metabolic rate can drop by as much as 15%.

In addition, eating too little can have the same effect.

P.S. If you aren’t exercising at all – get up and move around a little. Try to get in 30-35 min. a day, even if it’s just a walk around the house – or outside.

7) Are You Eating Too Often – Snacking when you’re hungry is great, but it can cause a setback. My personal advice? I love snack foods. I don’t condemn it like some. However, replace a meal setting with a snack plan. Keep a few small, GOOD choices around in case you have a “moment” during the day. For instance – if some kind of “bad food” snack opportunity presents itself… replace it with a good Keto (or Low Carb) choice, hopefully one you have close at hand. Plan ahead and be prepared.

8) Try Fat Fasting – Quick version? If you are stalled, UP THE FAT INTAKE. For 3-4 days cut your calorie intake down. Try around 1200 calories per day. Up your fat intake percentage. Try to hit 80% or more from fatty foods. Things like mayo, bacon, pork, Avocado, etc, etc… Break your meal times up and eat smaller portions during this effort.

Remember, this is not your regular routine – this is a STALL BUSTER ROUTINE.

Almost every single time the “stall debate” comes up someone will advise – carb cycling, a cheat day, a cheat meal or whatever. These are all well intentioned responses. DON’T DO IT!! Sheesh.

How do you cheat on a lifestyle?? Better yet – WHY?? This food is better. The long term health benefits are MAGNIFICENT. This isn’t some kind of prison sentence – it is a choice for freedom from BAD HEALTH.

9) Limit Alcohol Consumption – You already know what I’m going to say. Figure it out. Alcohol consumption, even smaller amounts can cause a stall. Why? It is interrupting the liver’s ability to process the various forms of fuel you need. The liver is dealing with the alcohol first. Simple. No need to lose the booze forever. Just push the pause button until you are at goal – then only in MODERATION. Always in moderation.

Keep on Ketoing on!!

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SunButter Fudge

SunButter Fudge

Here is the recipe…

1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese, softened

1 C Sunflower Butter

1 C butter, softened (we used Kerry Gold)

1/2 C powdered artificial sweetener (we used 1/4 C of Truvia and some Torani S.F. Salted Caramel Syrup)

1/2 t Vanilla extract

In a microwaveable-safe bowl, heat the cream cheese, nut butter and butter until the butter is melted. Whisk this mixture well. Blend in the artificial sweetener and Vanilla.
Pour the fudge mixture into an 8×8 or 9×9 inch pan, smooth the top, cover and refrigerate until firm.

Slice into one inch squares and store in the refrigerator.

Keep on Ketoing on!!

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Twice Baked Cauliflower Mashers

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