Aunt Meg’s Steak and Eggs

Aunt Meg’s Steak and Eggs

In an homage to Aunt Meg and Bill Paxton from the movie Twister, this is a T-Bone and eggs for breakfast in ULTIMATE Keto and Low Carb fashion. You can eat this way, right?!? So why not? It is so quick, easy and awesome.

Here are the details…

I started with pretty decent cut of T-Bone. I let it age a few days in the fridge.

I took it out – lightly brushed it with Olive Oil (both sides). I put a slight dusting of Garlic powder – Kosher salt and Pepper to taste (both sides).

I preheated the grill to near high (on my grill). I grilled this steak for 9 min total – 5 min. on the first side and 4 min. on the second (move them 45 degrees 1/2 way thru each side makes those nice sear marks).

This grill time gave me a really nice medium to medium/rare for this cut of meat. Once it comes off – let it rest under a cover for several minutes. While it’s resting make the eggs.

Two eggs in butter in the skillet and right at the end put a bit of water in a cover to firm up the tops… same seasoning – Garlic, Salt, Pepper (LIGHT).

I started in a very civilized fashion – cutting it with a knife (about twice)… then realized it would just pull apart in my fingers. I didn’t even need a fork.

This T-Bone tasted like meat flavored butter!! 😀 Perfect medium/rare…

It wasn’t long before I just picked it up and went to gnawing at it – no remorse…

Comments??  Too much egg, right??

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