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Salad toppers

Salad toppers I’ve working on the idea of freeze drying different “salad topper” options to get that crunchy texture without being high calorie/high carb. Here are some thoughts… Freeze dried: 1) Blueberries 2) Strawberries 3) Sweet Peppers 4) Red onions … Continue reading

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Ramen (without the Ramen)

Ramen (without the Ramen) Here’s an idea I had… kinda’ like Ramen (without the Ramen). I’ve been working out more low-carb, nutrient dense options with a much lower caloric index… while still being somewhat interesting. Easy right?!? This was excellent!! … Continue reading

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Portabella Salad

Portabella Salad Here’s a salad with Spring Mix, Portabellas, Red onion, Green onion, some Pepper and a Greek yogurt based Ranch (only 13 calories per 2 T – GAME CHANGER!!). Very filling.

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