9 ways to beat the “Dreaded Stall”

9 ways to beat the “Dreaded Stall”

1) Find Hidden Carbohydrates – Carbs can go unnoticed in vegetables, nuts, and certain meat products and dairy. Read Labels – do research.

2) Verify Your Calorie Intake – Making sure you’re in a calorie deficit can be important. This allows you to lose weight. You can use a keto calculator to help you figure out your macros (this means – your “numbers”).

3) Do you have a Food Sensitivity – Some people find themselves following their daily macros perfectly, but still seem to hit a stall. This might mean they have sensitivity to certain types of food. For instance, my wife doesn’t do well with any kind of processed meat.

4) Stay Consistent – It can take a period of time for your body to become keto-adapted, a cheat day can take a long time to recover from. By the time you are back in ketosis, a week may have passed – a week of no fat burning.

5) Limit Protein Intake – Excess protein is not a good idea when you’re in ketosis. The body prefers to use glucose as it’s primary form of fuel, and that’s exactly what we don’t want it to do. In some cases, the liver can actually extract glucose from protein (or even muscle, in extreme cases) as well. If there is a protein excess, this can happen. Don’t let this be an option. Force it to burn fat.

6) Don’t Eat Too Little or Exercise Too Much – The body will slow itself down in response to a lack of food or excessive amounts of exercise to conserve itself. Studies show that if you do aerobic exercise for more than 1 hour a day, your metabolic rate can drop by as much as 15%.

In addition, eating too little can have the same effect.

P.S. If you aren’t exercising at all – get up and move around a little. Try to get in 30-35 min. a day, even if it’s just a walk around the house – or outside.

7) Are You Eating Too Often – Snacking when you’re hungry is great, but it can cause a setback. My personal advice? I love snack foods. I don’t condemn it like some. However, replace a meal setting with a snack plan. Keep a few small, GOOD choices around in case you have a “moment” during the day. For instance – if some kind of “bad food” snack opportunity presents itself… replace it with a good Keto (or Low Carb) choice, hopefully one you have close at hand. Plan ahead and be prepared.

8) Try Fat Fasting – Quick version? If you are stalled, UP THE FAT INTAKE. For 3-4 days cut your calorie intake down. Try around 1200 calories per day. Up your fat intake percentage. Try to hit 80% or more from fatty foods. Things like mayo, bacon, pork, Avocado, etc, etc… Break your meal times up and eat smaller portions during this effort.

Remember, this is not your regular routine – this is a STALL BUSTER ROUTINE.

Almost every single time the “stall debate” comes up someone will advise – carb cycling, a cheat day, a cheat meal or whatever. These are all well intentioned responses. DON’T DO IT!! Sheesh.

How do you cheat on a lifestyle?? Better yet – WHY?? This food is better. The long term health benefits are MAGNIFICENT. This isn’t some kind of prison sentence – it is a choice for freedom from BAD HEALTH.

9) Limit Alcohol Consumption – You already know what I’m going to say. Figure it out. Alcohol consumption, even smaller amounts can cause a stall. Why? It is interrupting the liver’s ability to process the various forms of fuel you need. The liver is dealing with the alcohol first. Simple. No need to lose the booze forever. Just push the pause button until you are at goal – then only in MODERATION. Always in moderation.

Keep on Ketoing on!!

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