Daily Meal Rewind – Monday

RIBS DAY!! (for lunch)… but first…


We did Scrambled Eggs, grated Cheddar Cheese and left over chicken in breakfast tacos. I can assure you there was some Valatina salsa picante’ in there somewhere. We only had one each. I used the Mission brand Low Carb Tortillas – the 3 Net Gram version.

Pro Tip:  Toast those Low Carb Tortillas off – takes about 45 seconds and really brings the whole thing together – just toss it on a skillet or flat-top with no sauce and let it warm up a bit. It should develop just a few dark spots – then it’s nice and toasty. Don’t leave it on either side too long. That’s no good.

Pro Tip #2: The Tupperware you see under the tortillas – store all tortilla type products in their bag – then in Tupperware. Shelf life = unknown?? Hahaha…

On a side note – I usually don’t push it on the “net carb” items (tortillas, breads, etc, etc…), even things I am pretty sure of. For instance, if I have one meal where I use something like the Mission Brand tortillas (1 or 2 – almost NEVER 3) then I won’t do any more like that for the rest of the day. Maybe longer.


Half a rack of ribs and a chopped salad.

We’ve obviously covered these Ribs in the “Smoke-A-Palooza” post… These ribs have set finished in the fridge for at least 2 days. I cut out what I wanted for lunch (about a half a rack each). I added the ribs and plenty of the juice/renderings to a plain sauce pan – threw it in the oven for about 20-25 min at 250*. Just gently bringing it up to a comfortable temp. STUNNINGLY GOOD.


For “Supper” – we really just had a snack tray… Some Kentucky Bourbon Bellavitano Cheese, some Blue Diamond Salt and Vinegar Almonds (these can be addicting – BTW) and some Pepperoni (garden variety). I can almost guarantee the pepperoni got dunked in some of the Sriracha Lime Mayo I mentioned in another post.

Now – before I go any farther, I must point out – this Kentucky Bourbon Bellavitano Cheese is RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. It is the most rich, succulent cheese I have eaten. Cheese is one of our “things”. We like to sample different kinds – this here… it’s a WINNER. DO NOT MISS. You might find it a the upscale Kroger’s around here – maybe finer grocery stores near you.

Next week (when I get the money – we’re going to try a Merlot Bellavitano – and report back).

Late Nite Snack:

Total violation of one of the “3 rules”… however…

So anyway – I got hit by some late night cravings and figured – “what the heck??”

I had about a half a bag of regular Kroger Pork Rinds bathed in my Sriracha Lime Mayo dressing… solved the craving problem. However, what would it do to my weigh-in tomorrow?

(Note: I actually lost about 2 tenths of a pound – even after the late night snack. No harm, I guess?? I doubt I make it a habit)

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